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Important Notice on Email Scams and False Reports

Several scam emails and notices claiming to be from or associated with the Dervaes Family / Dervaes Institute and the URBAN HOMESTEAD® project are rumored to be circulating on the internet through blogs and other social medias. They may include our name(s), photos, links, trademarks, email accounts or other information taken directly from our official websites, located at at the bottom of this page.

Some of these rumored notices claim to ask for money in exchange for the use of our trademarks.

The Institute makes every effort to stop such fraudulent identity; bu,t unfortunately, a number of false rumors continue to persist. Dervaes Institute does not solicit donations or request any type of administrative or handling charges for its trademarks. If you get a request that appears to be from the the Dervaes Family for any type of payment, or if you receive an email or communication seemingly from the Dervaes Family that you feel is suspicious, please disregard that communication and contact us at

The following are tips to help you avoid email scams:

* Be suspicious of unsolicited emails
* Log on to official websites instead of clicking on links embedded in an email.
* Contact the organization that is supposedly sending the email to verify if it is genuine.
* Be cautious if you are asked to pay for anything.

For more information about the Federal Trade Commission's efforts against these kinds of fraud, please visit You can also email your inquiries about scam email to